Chevys for $100 over invoice
Well, as a few of you may have noticed, I haven't blogged in 30+ days. I found a job, actually I was a little scared that I may not like it but after a month I have come to realize that it is just what I was needing. The hours are long but the pay is great and I love meeting with the public. I would like to offer anyone that wishes to trade in a vehicle or is looking to purchase a new Chevy the deal of $100 over invoice for a limited time. I plan to do this with a number of bands and promotional people I work with, as well. I can sell to anyone in any state and can deliver to your local dealership. This offer will actually save you hrs. of haggling and money. The benefit to me is simply getting the name out there and not having to chase people on the lot. I get bonuses for the amount I sell so selling to you so cheap is not an issue.
Just call me @ 706.733.9411 and tell the operator to take a message for Shanna and make note that you found me on Mindsay.
That's it. Browse Chevy websites and see what you are looking for. If you find the perfect vehicle, you may fax me @ 706.481.1982 ( attn: Shanna) and I will call you promtly to get details.
This is a great deal for both of us so I am really looking forward to hearing from you :-)
Much love
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This has to be the most beautiful vid I have seen in a while
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Man I need a job
I know I am losing it. I totally DESPISE reality shows and since I have been home now I got hooked on The Real Housewives of Orange County and today I watched the WHOLE season in one go of Beauty and The Geek............HELP!!!!!!!
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The PAP scare
ok so I am almost 35, a smoker, a drinker and all in all a very happily married woman aside of the fact that I have been fighting a custody battle for my kids for 5 yrs now......................... Anyhoo, I went for my routine physical last week, hadn't been since the end of 2005 but no worries, everything has always been good and normal.
Well, not this time. I contacted the dr and found out that my cells have changed.............WTF does THAT mean?
I go back Thurs. for a biopsy of my cervix (oooouuuccchhh) well at least I suspect an ouch, I was told to take ibuprophen beforehand.
Now I am not religious but did ask a cousin to pray for me lol
I have a suspision that a lot of women go through this. Afterall it hasn't been that long that the horrid HPV was publicised on TV. The Human Papaloma Virus. It sounds horrible, if you do a quick search you will find one form of it causes genital warts (GROSS), none here but there seems to be so many variations of the virus and if I am reading correctly, if you've ever had sex, shook someone's hand or given birth, YOU HAVE IT!! Nasty but appears to be a fact of life. It can lie dormant for YEARS!!!
Anyhoo, the biopsy will determine if this is present in my system along w/ cervical cancer. I think we would have caught it early regardless of the outcome but would love to hear from others who may have encountered such a problem.
I feel I am ranting so I will go and finish enjoying my Sat. night but curious on the feelings of others.
Much luv and best wishes to you all.
Tips on kick starting your band

Tips on submitting your music for promotional purposes.


First of all, let’s say you and your band have found a place to get a professionally sounding CD to distribute. Now this can cost anywhere from $25 an hour on up, depending on if you know someone who will cut you a deal on the cost and do it as a favor.

So you have hundreds of CDs in hand and are ready to export them to anyone who will accept them and make use of the item. The first step you should do is set a goal for yourself for the first year or two. What is it exactly that you wish to accomplish? Keep in mind that unknown bands are a dime a dozen and chances are you live a mile away from another band trying to do the same as you. There are many low fee methods to this madness of “getting heard” that you may wish to check out first.


      I would suggest joining Myspace.com if you haven’t already. It can be a huge marketing tool for you and you can basically count on half of the people that actually happen upon your website to listen to your music. A lot of people who see a friend’s request from you will simply click to accept you but a lot will actually listen and comment on your music. It feels like half of the world is on Myspace.com and to be honest, it is the very place that allowed my business to boom the way it did last year. Most of all it is free to join. Simply ask a band member if he would be in charge of keeping it going and making the updates and friend requests. Voila! One aspect of your career move is underway. After all that is what it is, isn’t it? A career move! There are other websites out there for you to do the same with, as well. Do a search for it, you will come across many.   


            Another suggestion is to locate internet radio stations. This is very easy to do and you will get hundreds of results on a good search. Many, if not all of these are always looking for new music to play. Contact a DJ or station owner and ask then if they would be willing to play a song or two of yours. At this point they will simply say yes or no. If the answer is yes, then make sure to blog it, email friends and post on your free web pages a banner or info to have them tune in and listen for support. This generally makes everyone happy because you are getting the support you need with the possibility of friends and family members actually requesting your music to be played. In return you may want to throw up the radio station’s banner on your page in support for them giving you a break. It sounds like a win-win situation to me.


            Ok so now you have free websites where your music can be heard and you are being played on internet radio stations all over the US and other countries. WAY TO GO!!! Now what? Well, you tell me! It’s taken you a few months to get this entire thing up and running and your band members are helping to keep the websites going. You’re making friends galore and building a great fan base, this is going great! Where would you like to go now? Have an in-depth discussion with your band. If you’re in a situation where you are playing a local club pretty much every month but wish to expand, then you should think about putting someone in charge of your promotions. Find a loyal, dependable person, even a friend or family member that has your best interest at heart. This person will do all he/she can to help you because they love you and want to see you succeed. Your promoter will be the one to venture out and search online for other clubs for you to play at.


            The promoter will need from you about 50 burned CDs to start with that hold your 3 best songs to send out to the clubs. These clubs will want to hear you before making a decision on you being right for their club. In a lot of cases they will want to SEE you, as well so have a friend take a lot of group photos of your band with a digital camera and get them printed in black and white. THIS is what they want to see, black and white. Have a friend give you tips on dressing “with your sound”. Make sure your image suits the kind of music you play. They want to make sure you come as a “whole package” and it is always wise to include one song that has been recorded while playing live at your local club. I have come across many that say “well, he sounds pretty good but who’s to say he sounds that good live?” Another note is to always expect the unexpected. You need a promoter that is willing to take a hit and move on. People get turned down every day for what they feel may be a life changing move for them, only to become internationally known within 2-5 years. You just never know.


            If the promoter is feeling overwhelmed, you may need to find someone else to join you and become your booking agent. At this point the promoter may want to research the online radio stations and basically do everything the same as before minus the booking of shows for you. Maybe the promoter can help you find inexpensive ways to market your “gear”. Look for places that can inexpensively print you some band T-shirts or pens, anything with your “logo” on it to “spread the word” about you. Just make sure you print a website address on the item. Look around at artwork, if you don’t have a creative buddy. Some will freely give you a wicked logo in exchange for you allowing them to add their website to the image to help promote them in return.

The booking agent will then begin to make calls and send emails on your band’s behalf far and wide to anyone that is willing to let you play their venue. Oh and don’t forget the spring months when a booking agent is HIGHLY recommended. After all who doesn’t love a good summer benefit or festival? There are more than you can keep up with if you do your search right. One last tip for just getting started is to take advantage of the other bands you find on Myspace.com or other sites of the like. Many need someone to either open for them at a venue that may be new to you or will allow you to play a few songs if you simply split the traveling expenses with them. NEVER be afraid to ask for anything, the worst they can say is no.


 I hope that this has helped somewhat giving you ideas on what steps to take next and all of the possibilities that are out there for you. Getting started in anything is never easy and the music business may be one of the hardest but if your sound is right and your look is good, then you have a world of wonder out there for you to experience.

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